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Beauty Treatment Injury Claims

Beauty Treatment Injury and Allergy Claims Armstrong James Personal Injury Lawyers

Supporting Claims against Beauticians and Beauty Clinics as a result of injuries or allergic reactions nationwide, with particular focus across Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire, Oxfordshire and Wiltshire:

Beauticians, beauty salons and spa’s owe a duty of care towards their customers. They should exercise reasonable skill and care whilst providing treatments, as required by the Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982. This is regardless of whether the treatment is in a beauty salon, spa or at home.

Armstrong James understands that this may be a distressing and sensitive time for you and our team are here to support you through what can be a challenging situation. We are conscious that injuries or reactions may be delicate issues. We are happy to meet with you or discuss your options confidentially and discretely.

Types of Beauty Treatment & Spa Claims:

Beauty salons should ask you to complete a card detailing any allergies or previous illnesses or conditions that you have had, which may affect any lotions they apply or treatments they undertake. It is important to complete the card fully to ensure that any treatment you have is right for you.
Reputable beauty salons and spas should also ask you to have a patch test before applying most chemicals to your skin or hair. However, patch tests are not normally carried out for some gentle treatments such as body wraps, facials or general beauty treatments. If you are worried about a product, always ask for advice.

If the therapist uses a product on you after you have told them you have any sort of allergy to an ingredient and you have a severe reaction you have every right to make a claim for compensation for injury.

Armstrong James has acted for clients for injuries sustained at beauty salons which have included severe reactions to eyelash tinting, scarring to face, burns to legs and negligent application of semi-permanent make up.

Beauty treatments available are becoming more widespread and increasingly using highly technical equipment. Electrolysis uses electrical currents to destroy unwanted hair follicles. However, treatment must be carried out safely by properly trained staff, otherwise accidents can happen. Lasers are also now being used increasingly to remove unwanted hair, blemishes and even skin pigmentation and varicose veins. However, again the potential for accidents and injuries to be sustained is worrying. Therefore the proper use of equipment and adequate training of staff using it, is essential.

Other issues can involve wax treatments. If the wax is too hot when applied to your skin you should inform the beautician immediately. The removal of wax treatments is also key. If the recommended techniques are not followed, injuries can occur. Many individuals have suffered serious burns from wax treatments causing long-term injuries.

As with any beauty treatment, if you suffer any pain or discomfort that is unusual, you should inform your therapist. In some cases, beauty treatments may not be suitable for pregnant women.

Claims against Beauticians:

Although it may at first sound trivial, beautician claims are more common and can be more serious than most people would expect. The chemicals and techniques used for bleaching, waxing, relaxing and massaging different parts of the body can cause chemical burns, allergies or irritation to the skin if used incorrectly. Subsequent pain and loss can result dependant upon the severity of the injury or allergic reaction. Beauticians should check clients for allergic reactions by performing a patch test. If she or he fails to do this and you suffer an injury as a result then you will have a claim for compensation.

Strong and potentially harmful chemicals are used for techniques such as bleaching, colouring, straightening and perming, so in a beauty salon there's a lot of potential for accidents and allergic reactions to occur.
When you visit a beauty salon you expect that you can trust staff’s expertise, but sometimes that trust is broken. The beautician may fail to perform skin or hair strand tests before colouring for example, or display poor skill or concentration - leaving clients with unacceptable and painful results. Many people don't realise there is potential to receive compensation in these circumstances with the assistance of specialist lawyers.

Burns are amongst the most common accidents in beauty salons. Chemical, electrical or heat burns are not only painful, but can cause damage to eyes, ears and hair and serious scarring and disfigurement to skin. In worst cases an allergic reaction or even anaphylactic shock can occur.

You will receive compensation for your injuries, pain and suffering as well as all your current and future costs. Compensation may be sought to pay for cosmetic correction and psychologist therapy, where appropriate.

Poor application of chemicals is a particularly common cause of beauty therapy disasters and can result in painful burns, sores, abnormal skin pigmentation and skin condition deterioration - plus extreme skin damage. The wrong strength of product, leaving on a product for too long, or direct application to the skin are common causes of injury.

How Armstrong James LLP supports Claims against Beauty Salons

Skin and other allergic reactions pose a big risk to beauty therapists. It's difficult to say how many users suffer from allergic reactions, as most do not seek medical attention. However, there are many cases where allergic reactions to substances have been severe or even fatal.

Signs of a mild reaction may only be for example irritation of the upper eyelids or rims of the ears, but in more severe reactions, the whole body may be involved.

A severe form of allergic reaction is anaphylactic shock. When this occurs, the mouth and tongue swell and the airways constrict. Anaphylaxis can be rapidly fatal, and there have been isolated cases of hair dyes causing anaphylactic shock.

Skin reactions can occur on a person's first exposure to certain chemicals, lotions and potions, or can suddenly occur in a person who has been using them long-term. A patch test before every treatment is important to help detect skin allergies, but each time treatments are applied to the skin, the immune system may become sensitized, increasing the risk of future allergic reaction.

As a result of such an accident you may have suffered any of the following:
  • pain, injury or illness?
  • lost earnings and/or an impact on your ability to carry on working in your previous job at work?
  • had to pay medical bills?
  • incurred expenditure you would not otherwise have incurred?
  • needed extra help and assistance (including that provided free of charge from family and friends)
Armstrong James personal injury lawyers can advise you as to whether you are entitled to compensation to help you cope with the effects of your accident.

We will help answer your questions such as:
  • Am I entitled to compensation?
  • What will it cost?
  • What are my rights?
  • Is there financial help available?
  • Can I have more treatment?
Fault is not always obvious. It may seem that there was no one to blame, but we may still be able to help you. Our expert lawyers are highly trained and experienced in dealing with all types of claims against beauticians.

If you have suffered any kind of injury or trauma as the result of a beautician or beauty salon which could have been prevented, then Armstrong James could help you claim compensation.

Top tips when making a Claim against Beauty Salons:
  • Make sure you keep any documents that you have been given, including instructions and receipts, appointment cards, information leaflets and importantly proof of payment.
  • Try to find out exactly what products have been used on your hair
  • Take photos, especially if you have hair loss, burns, scarring & swelling,
  • Make sure you seek prompt medical treatment for your injuries and ensure what happened is accurately recorded.
  • Report the incident to staff or whoever is in charge immediately and ensure your version of what happened is placed in their accident book or an accident record of some type. Even if you did not report it at the time, because your injuries developed later, notify them urgently and ensure it is all recorded. They need to keep an accident book by law!
  • If you write or receive any letters or emails from them regarding your injuries, keep copies.
  • If there is anyone who saw what happened to you, or can back you up, get their names and contact numbers.

We will fight relentlessly to ensure you get a positive outcome for your claim and that the same mistakes are not repeated by the beauty therapist responsible again.

The benefits of instructing Armstrong James LLP to fight your corner include:

Beauty Treatment Injury Claims against Beauty Salons We will instruct leading medical experts including cosmetic surgeons and psychologists when necessary to work with us on your case
Beauty Treatment Injury Allergic Reactions Wax Burns Our longstanding relationships with leading barristers and QCs across the country ensure that every client receives the maximum compensation possible.
Claims against Beauty Salons Hair Loss Cosmetic Claims We are a firm of solicitors, regulated by The Law Society.
Claims against Beauty Salons Facials Massage Steam Treatments We treat every client with the utmost of sensitivity and care.
Cosmetic claims Electrolysis Laser Hair Removal We will ensure that your case progresses as speedily and efficiently as possible.
Beauty Salon Injury Claims Facials Skin Condition We keep you constantly informed of the progress on your case, answering your questions, and making sure that you understand how your claim is progressing.
Claims against Beauticians Burns Waxing Laser We are able to offer our services on a “No Win No Fee” basis

If you or a member of your family has suffered as a result of an accident, please contact our friendly and approachable team today. We are happy to arrange an initial free interview to discuss all issues involved in pursuing your compensation claim.

If, after talking to us, you decide not to take matters further, you are under no obligation to do so. You will not be charged for our initial advice session.

Alternatively, please register your details here and we will contact you promptly to discuss how best to proceed with you claim.

We are dedicated to your best interests, and can advise you free of charge, on how to proceed immediately.

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Further information relating to coping with Beauty Treatment Injury Claims:

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